The SKSS Visual Arts Department believes that the quality of a student’s life is uniquely enriched in essential ways by the development of skills and values learned in the creation of artworks. Visual arts encourage the students to function on multiple intellectual, analytical, thoughtful and expressive levels.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Cicyetkwu brightens the upper campus hallway with a splash of colour and shares her artistic viewpoint with the school.  "Inspiration can be found anywhere".  To see this mural life size, come up to J116.  And while you're at it, why not come into the art room and see what else is going on!

"Creativity is not dependent on you being an artist or musician or actor - it is a way of thinking.  Creative Living is taking joy in thinking outside the box.  It's finding abundances in the most simple things: basic ingredients for a healthy supper, uncut fabric, a camera, a crayon, a thought. It's colouring outside the lines and sometimes on walls.  It's daring to be different when everyone tells you to be the same. "   - Tara Gentile