The SKSS Visual Arts Department believes that the quality of a student’s life is uniquely enriched in essential ways by the development of skills and values learned in the creation of artworks. Visual arts encourage the students to function on multiple intellectual, analytical, thoughtful and expressive levels.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art Buddies Visit SKSS Grade 1 Star Tiles

In early December, Mrs. Yamaoka's ceramics class had the opportunity to work with grade ones from Lloyd George Elementary. In part with the holiday season, the kids were focusing on a "star" theme, so we decided to make ceramic star tiles.

Each student was paired with a grade one and given a square of clay. The children were given an array of textures, tools, and cut-outs to make their projects unique. Under the guidance of Mrs. Yamaoka's students, each grade one created a one of a kind tile. During their second visit, the grade ones learned about glazing and did a fantastic job adding colour to their creations.

The collaboration was a huge success; everyone had fun and it helped everyone to get into the holiday spirit.

Great job grade ones!

Written by Sarah & Ariga