The SKSS Visual Arts Department believes that the quality of a student’s life is uniquely enriched in essential ways by the development of skills and values learned in the creation of artworks. Visual arts encourage the students to function on multiple intellectual, analytical, thoughtful and expressive levels.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Heart: Style Your Sole

Toms shoes is a company which devotes itself to the distribution of much needed shoes. Using the system of One for One, when you by one pair of Toms shoes, they will match your purchase and send a pair to the shoeless in places such as Guatemala, Kenya, Argentina, Peru, Haiti and many more. In the style Your Sole event, students had the chance to create and design their own pair of Toms shoes in the way they think best reflects their personality. In participating in this event, 20 pairs of shoes were sent out to children in need from the students. Not only did the students leave with their own personalized pair of shoes but also with the knowledge that they've made a difference in the life of a stuggling individuel. Thanks to all those who participated in this year's Style Your Sole event.

Written by Rosemary and Chelsea