The SKSS Visual Arts Department believes that the quality of a student’s life is uniquely enriched in essential ways by the development of skills and values learned in the creation of artworks. Visual arts encourage the students to function on multiple intellectual, analytical, thoughtful and expressive levels.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Just Colour: Inspiring Community through Illustrations

In a world that's increasingly fast-paced and virtual, people are discovering the meditative calm and visual pleasure offered by the new generation of coloring books for adults. Adult colouring books are a great way for people to relax, be creative, and go back to their childhood.  

Coloring is accessible.
It unleashes the creativity we all have in a way that is safe.

For these reasons, SKSS grade 9 & 10 art students decided to create their own sophisticated colouring book.  Illustrating images for a collective purpose became a way to show individual creativity, share artwork outside of the classroom, and an opportunity to invite others to be a part of their art making. 

Students participated in multiple colouring parties hosted at the school that were fantastic community events with teachers, counselors, principals, friends, grandparents and parents in attendance, taking time to connect with art students through the simple act of colouring.